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Who We Are


We are a group of experts in various fields of engineering, with many years (to be more precise, decades) of professional experience in designing, implementing, consulting and leading the projects, from local-area to international and from small-scale to enterprise. Our main areas of work are mechanical and electrical (as well as software) engineering. 

Our Projects

This website represents only the small fraction of the projects that we were involved in during our professional practice. Please consider displayed projects merely as a small demonstration. For any other kind of project that you might be interested in, feel free to contact us.

Mechanical / Mechatronics

Material Recovery Facilities for Municipal Solid Waste

Uniformed Materials Recovery Facility

Facility for Composting Organic Component of Municipal Solid Waste

Development of Reactor for Municipal solid Waste Composting [PDF]

Development of Hydro Power Systems

Mathematical Model of the Dynamic Hydro Power Unitís behavior [PDF]


Developer ToolBox - set of tools for software developers and administrators

uidMaker - UUID/GUID generator,
an award winning utility


Knowledge and Imagination. It's not crucial to have concrete business enquiry. Share your ideas with us, and see what we can do for you, or, even better, what we can do together.

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