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Developer ToolBox is a set of practical tools, designed for everyday use by software developers, database administrators, web designers and other IT professionals. It is not a complete development environment, though it might arise to a well-rounded development solution one day.

The purpose of Developer ToolBox is to provide software tools that might come handy in software development process when using some of the well-known development environments, or in the process of designing or administering a database with the DB built-in management software. Moreover, there is a plenty of tasks that are not related to any development, database or administration platform that would be performed easier with a tool from Developer ToolBox.

These tools can be very useful even for home users and users with not much of technical knowledge, when there is no need to learn programming or administration in-depth.

At the moment, Developer ToolBox is just at the beginning, but is growing each day. More tools and options will be coming soon. All ideas are welcome, look at Ideas section!


Developer ToolBox will soon be conveniently packed for easier download and installation (and with discounted price for commercial version compared to separate components).

For now, please take a look at the individual tools:

  uidMaker - UUID/GUID generator


The next tool that will be brought to the daylight is uriMaker.
uriMaker is a utility for converting a path of resource (folder or file on local machine, or on local network) into URI (Uniform Resource Identifier).
Planned release date: 31.10.2009.


Feel free to suggest ideas for new software or for new options in existing tools.
Every accepted idea that will lead to development of new tool or option will be rewarded with commercial version of the software! Write us at ideas@stojkovic.org

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