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Material Recovery Facilities for Municipal Solid Waste


We can help You to solve your problems with municipal solid waste. Development, consultancy, technical documentation, feasibility studies and analyses, MSW management is what we offer. The components included are:

- Mass balance analysis and the facility capacity
- Conceptual design and technology considerations
- Finished product specifications
- Flow chart and mass balance
- Fixed equipment definitions and descriptions:
  - material handling equipment,
  - separating equipment,
  - size reduction equipment,
  - environmental equipment.
- Lay-out of factory
- Fixed storage bin, floor scale for pallet or bin loads, truck scale,belt scale
- Rolling equipment
- Main control system computer suported
- Monitoring system
- Row material storage and pretreatment
- Packing equipment and product storage
- Maintenance workshop and spare parts storage
- Lightening system of sorting plant
- Pneumatic system
- Power consumtion
- Job descriptions
- Labor requirements
- Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
- Dust collection system
- Noise suppression devices
- Odour control equipment
- Safety systems and means
- Sewerage system
- Leachate processing
- Administrative building, usual offices
- Factory building
- MRF management
- Capital cost
- Operating cost
- Performance guarantees

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