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  uidMaker is a UUID/GUID (Universally Unique Identifier/Globally Unique Identifier) generator, an award winning utility.

Free for personal use. It is a small utility, but comes with some handy options:
  • generates UUID through GUID implementation
  • generated UUID/GUID is automatically copied to clipboard
  • program can exit automatically after generating UUID/GUID and copying it to clipboard
More advanced options are available with commercial license:
  • integration with development environments and management consoles:
    • Eclipse IDE 3.4 Ganymede
    • Eclipse IDE 3.5 Galileo
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
uidMaker screenshot


uidMaker - Release: 1.2, Size: 1MB, Platform: Windows

Download from main server

  Download from alternative servers:

Download now from download3000.com  Download now from download3000.com

Links to uidMaker in software directories and download sites

System Prerequisites

  Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1
  (Since this location is maintained by the third-party software manufacturer, it is subject to change.)

  • Integration with UltraEdit 15.10 (*)
    Planned release date: 15.11.2009.
  • Integration with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (*)
    Planned release date: 15.11.2009.
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (*)
    Planned release date: 15.11.2009.
* - will be available only with commercial license.


There are two licensing options available for this software: personal and commercial. Before using the software, you have to register it. After registering, within a short period (usually less than 24 hours), you will receive license data by e-mail, that will unlock the options in software according to obtained license. View End-User License Agreement here.

Personal license

Personal license includes only the basic functionality of the software. Personal license is free, but limited to personal, non-commercial, home-use only. It is not allowed to use the software under personal license for commercial projects or in commercial, institutional, governmental or similar working environment.
Charity, humanitarian, educational and other non-profit organizations must also use the software under commercial license. However, they might contact us regarding discounts or donations.

Commercial license

Commercial license enables full functionality of the software. All basic and advanced options in software, like integration with development environments, are available with this type of license.

With commercial license, you are entitled to technical support via e-mail at
support@stojkovic.org. All questions will be answered within a reasonable time (from few minutes to few days), depending on the complexity of question.

You can also download and use all product releases (free-of-charge, as an upgrade to the release you have licensed) until the next major release.


Commercial license can be purchased for 5€ or 7.5$ here:

www.wmtransfer.com Detailed instructions on purchase via WebMoney


Q: I've installed the software but it will not work?
A: You have to install all system prerequisites (like Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1) before you install or run the software.

Q: I've started the software but almost none of the options in menus is enabled?
A: You have to register the software before you can use it, even under personal license (which is free). Follow detailed instruction in Help Contents Registration on how to do this.

Q: What is written in registration data?
A: Registration data contains encrypted information about your registration request, i.e. the information about few hardware components of your computer, as usual for software protection.

Q: I've registered the product for personal use. Some options in menus are enabled, but some options are still disabled?
A: Advanced program options (like integration with development environments or database management tools) are available only with commercial license.

Q: I've used the software under personal license, but now I need to use it for commercial project. What to do?
A: First you need to purchase the commercial license. Look at Buy section. Then uninstall the software through start Control Panel Add or Remove Programs, and install it again using setup program (to clear all personal registration data). Start the software and repeat the routine for registering, like you did for personal license (don't forget to select Commercial for Registration Type), except this time you'll receive license data that will unlock all options in the software.

Q: If I turn on the option to exit automatically after UUID/GUID is generated, can I turn it off?
A: Yes. When the program starts, it generates UUID/GUID and places it on clipboard. There is a small delay (approx. 3 seconds), and in that time you should uncheck the option for automatic exit.

Q: I have integrated this tool into Eclipse IDE 3.4 (or Eclipse IDE 3.5). Where is it located?
A: Look at option Run External Tools uidMaker in main menu, or button Run uidMaker (right next to Run As...) in main toolbar in Eclipse.

Q: Can uidMaker be integrated in all development environments of Visual Stuido 2008 Express Edition?
A: It is possible to select one or more development environments for integration. After successful integration, this tool would appear under Tools menu in Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C and Visual Web Developer.

Q: Will uidMaker be available on Linux, too?
A: For the moment there are no precise plans whether there will be a development on Linux platform. If there is a great interest for Linux tools among our users, we will include Linux version in the software roadmap.

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