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Purchase uidMaker license via WebMoney


Dear Customer,

To pay your order (Commercial license for uidMaker software) with the help of WebMoney Transfer,
send WME 5.00 to purse No. E187934279351 (for payment in EUR), or send WMZ 7.50 to purse No. Z310178354272 (for payment in USD). This is the purse of our online store in WebMoney Transfer. To make the payment, start WM Keeper and right-click on the purse you want to transfer funds from, in the context menu choose “Send WM” “To a WebMoney purse”. In the dialog box enter the amount to pay and our purse number, and in the comment field write: Payment of uidMaker order.

Code-protected transfers are not accepted.  You payment will be processed within 24 hours and your order will be sent to you (Commercial license data to be entered in uidMaker software). Our WebMoney ID is 267019238393.

Thank you.

Click the logo to proceed to WebMoney web site:

Reminder: Don't forget to send registration data from uidMaker application, otherwise we cannot generate license data for you.

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